CAD Designer at Carefusion (Present);

Quality Assurance Engineer at Fuji Film Medical Systems (2013-2014);
Undergraduate Researcher at CCNY (2012-2014);

Project Design Engineer at Keen Home at the Zahn Center at CCNY (2013);

B.E., Biomedical Engineering, The City College of New York (2009-2013)

Past Expierences:

As a researcher at the Neural Engineering Lab, I processed about 2000 MRI slices and brain model slices for online application “Bonsai” as well as designed Windows graphical user interface “Spheres” for tDCS modeling using Matlab. As project design engineer for Keen I examined and reported on power consumption and efficiency in home HVAC systems as well as designed and manufactured initial prototypes with 3D printing and laser cutting. Further more, I assisted in developing a wireless communication protocol with Arduino and XBee.

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