Product Development Engineer II at St. Jude Medical (2011-Present);

Product Development Engineer at Cordis, Johnson&Johnson (2010-2011);

R&D Device Engineer, Soterix Medical (2009-2010);

Master’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering, City College of New York (2007-2009)


2007-2009: Master’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering, City College of New York, USA

2002-2006: Bachelor’s of Technology in Biomedical Engineering, G.J. Univ. of Sc. & Tech., India


Some of my current projects:

–  Developing a user friendly, functionally enhanced, Portable Hand held Reflective Pulse Oximeter      system in collaboration with Memorial Sloan kettering Cancer center.

–  Developing a Multi-Channel  DC Stimulator Device


Some of my old Projects:

–  Understanding the cause of skin irritation during high density trans-cranial direct          current stimulation through testing of different electrodes and electrolytic gel combinations on    different subjects

–   Developed High Density Electrodes/Adapters and studying properties of gel which might cause         skin irritation.

–   Developed first prototype of Multi-channel Stimulation Interface Device


Past Experience:

I was working for Professor Marom Bikson in the Neural Engineering Lab of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at City College of New York as R&D Medical Device Engineer. My research focuses on development of a system for High Density Trans-cranial Direct current Stimulation (which includes design of Electrodes, Electrode adapters, Gels and the Electronic Device). I am especially interested in designing the hardware part of the device. My main task is to make device portable, safe and easy to operate.


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