PhD in Biomedical Engineering, The City College of New York (2013-Present)

How does the brain decide what it is we see or hear? To get to the bottom of this question, we record neural signals (EEG and fMRI) from subjects that are currently deciding on specific characteristics of perceptual stimuli. We then try and combine sensory, decision-related, and motor signals as well as behavioral measures into models that link neural activity to behavior.

M.Sc. Trinity College Dublin, Biomedical Engineering 2011-2012
B. Eng. Jade University & Airbus Operations GmbH, Germany, Mechanical Engineering 2006-2010



Abstracts & Publications:
Steinemann, NA, Moisello, C, Ghilardi, MF & Kelly, SP: No more surprises: Neural correlates of memory formation over repeated sequence observations (submitted)
Steinemann, NA, Moisello, C, Ghilardi, MF & Kelly, SP (2013, December): Electrophysiological markers of effective learning in the time and frequency domain. Poster at the IEEE Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology, New York.
Steinemann, NA, Moisello, C, Ghilardi, MF & Kelly, SP (2013, June): Modulation of ERP components P3 and N2 during intentional visual sequence learning. Poster at the 17th International Conference on Cognitive and Neural Systems, Boston.
Steinemann, N. A., Tsanov, M., Reilly, R. B. & O’Mara, S. M.: Assessing Attractor Models as a means to Explain Sense of Head-Direction during Theta Sleep in Rodents. 2012 Barcelona: 8th FENS Forum of Neuroscience.

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