Graduate Researcher at the Reasearch Foundation for SUNY

(July 2014- Present);

Owner/ Operator, PhD Posters LLC (2013-Present);

Graduate Assistant, SUNY Downstate Medical Cenetr (2012-2014);

B.E. Biomedical Engineering, City College of New York, (2008-2012 )

2004-2008: High School Graduate, Glen Cove High School, Glen Cove, NY


My Research

I currently work in a neuroscience laboratory, applying engineering to the study of traumatic brain injury.

Past Project(s):

1. To design and optimize electrode-gel parameters to address concerns regarding HD-tDCS including electrode efficacy, skin safety, and subjective pain. The result of this research project thus far has culminated in the publication, “Electrodes for high-density transcutaneous DC stimulation for applications in drug-delivery and electrotherapy, including tDCS.”

2. To develop a chemical or electrical pre-treatment means to alleviate or eliminate the pain and burning sensations related to HD-tDCS at the areas of the electrode’s contact with the skin. Trevian Neptune and Nicole Febles are currently running IRB-approved clinical trials on human subjects in facilitating progress along this project’s objective.

Current Project(s):

3. To study the effects of weak alternating currents on brain function by applying uniform electrical fields on cortical brain slices and measuring physiological response. I am presently in the process of reviewing published literature in the field, learning the techniques related to conducting these electrophysiological experiments fromAsif Rahman and Davide Reato, and ordering the variety of lab equipment necessary to complete this project’s goal.

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