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The Society of Biological Psychiatry 2014 meeting in NYC features a symposium on

Technical and Mechanistic Foundations of tDCS: Emerging applications in Major Depressive Disorder“.

Hilton Midtown. Location: Gremercy A – 2nd Floor. Time: May 8 12:30-2:30pm.

12:40-1:00pm – Marom Bikson, CUNY, USA – Biophysical Foundations of tDCS: Evidence from Computer Models and Animal Studies
1:00-1:20pm – Michael A. Nitsche, Göttingen University, Germany – Translational use of tDCS in Major Depressive Disorder: Focus on Neuroplasticity
1:20-1:40pm – Collen Loo, University of New South Wales, Australia – TDCS as a Monotherapy for Depression: Results from a Randomized Clinical Trial and Follow-up study
1:40-2:00 pm – André R. Brunoni, University of São Paulo, Brazil – TDCS as an add-on Therapy: The Augmentative Role of tDCS for the treatment of Depression

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